“When you can’t see in front of you, Sandra’s a fog-lifter whose positive, fresh & brilliant guiding wind is wonderful to experience.”

— Jennifer Jones, CEO, Joy of Dance Inc.


A clearer roadmap for you.

A better experience for your customers.

I love helping good companies do even better. I remove the guesswork out of what to do next so you can:

  • Keep more of your best customers

  • Attract more like them

  • Get more for your marketing budget

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Let’s learn about your customers.


How I Achieve It

3. Develop your customer personas.
4. Map your customers' journeys.
5. Provide you with an action plan
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“I’d recommend Sandra to anyone needing fresh eyes on their business.”

— Mike Brown, President, Bounteous Canada


Services That’ll Wow You.


I help you see your customers by creating data-driven customer profiles so you can find more of them, improve loyalty with the ones you have, and impress the heck out of them by speaking their language.


We peer into their inner worlds and wants. We journey through their thoughts — before, during and after they do business with you. You’ll learn where you’re crushing it, and discover your greatest opportunities.


“With a passion for her craft and an energy that is infectious, Sandra is a change agent wherever she goes.”

— Alexis Zamkow, Digital Strategy & Innovation Lead, IBM


I help you pinpoint loyalty-building opportunities to make your company invaluable to your customers, so you can spend your money where it counts most.


"I cannot imagine getting this far on our loyalty program launch without Sandra (and she’s fun to work with to boot)!"

— Cathy Whelan Molloy, as CMO, Second Cup


I’ve built loyalty for many valuable clients:

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